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Cupcake & Cake Questions

Do you always have all of the cupcake flavors listed on your website in your shop?

No. We bake all of our cupcake flavors fresh every morning, and our goal is to sell out of cupcakes by the time we close every night at 5:00. If you have your heart set on certain flavors or if you need a certain amount of cupcakes, we encourage you to place your order ahead of time. If you need cupcakes last-minute and know you’re not going to be able to make it in until close to our closing time, feel free to call us earlier in the day and we’ll be happy to set items aside for you.

Do you sell cake pops?

We make cake balls. Basically a “pop” without the stick. We keep 6 different cake ball flavors and 1 gluten free cake ball flavor in stock in our shop daily. Cake balls are made from cake that has been baked and cooled and then mixed together with frosting. When we get them to the right consistency, we form balls and dip them in chocolate. Our flavors are Coconut, Cookies & Cream, Butterfinger, Red Velvet, Cookie Dough, and Chocolate.. Our gluten free cake ball flavor is Chocolate, and we carry them every day.

Do you sell gluten free cupcakes in your store every day?

No, but if you place an order 24 hours in advance we can make gluten free cupcakes in any of our flavors with the exception of Cookies & Cream and S’mores. The minimum order is 1 dozen regular size or 2 dozen mini cupcakes per flavor.

Can you make cupcakes or cakes for other special dietary needs?

Yes. We can make egg-free, dairy-free, and vegan cupcakes with a 24 hour notice. The minimum order is 1 dozen regular size or 2 dozen mini cupcakes per flavor. For other special dietary needs the flavor options are limited; please call the shop to see what flavors we can make for your particular needs.

Note: Because we use nuts and nut products in our bakery, we can’t guarantee any items won’t contain traces of nuts.

Do cupcakes or cakes that are made with special dietary needs cost more?

Yes. Special dietary cupcakes cost $0.25 more per cupcake. Depending on the size of cake you’re ordering, the price will also go up. Please call the shop for more specific estimates on cakes.

Do you sell mini cupcakes in your store every day?

No; we only make mini cupcakes for special orders. Mini cupcake orders do need to be placed 24 hours in advance, and the minimum order is 1 dozen per flavor.

How much do cakes cost?

Under the prices section of our website you can find base prices for the different sizes of cakes we make. Those base prices include any color border around the top and bottom of the cake, any writing that’s included (like “Happy Birthday”) and sprinkles around the sides of the cake. Any other special decoration adds to the cost of the cake depending on how you want the cake decorated. Tiered cakes are priced by the slice, so if you’re looking for a tiered cake, call us at the shop and we’ll help you calculate a price depending on how many people you want to serve with the cake. All carved and 3D cakes start around $300 and go up depending on the complexity and design.

How much does custom decoration cost?

It’s hard to say how much our decoration costs because we do all of our decoration custom; each person’s order is unique, so we tend to price things out individually according to individual needs and preferences. We do have photos on the website of some of the things we have done in the past, but we can do any sort of custom decoration for cakes. If you’re looking for inspiration or ideas, we encourage you to search the internet for pictures of cakes or styles that you like. If you do find pictures of things you like, you’re welcome to e-mail them to us and we’ll be happy to calculate prices for you depending on how many people you want your cake to feed. The price will also vary depending on if you want your cake to be covered in butter cream frosting or fondant. Please call the shop with any other questions.

What are my flavor options for cakes?

If you look under the “Cupcakes” section on our website, you’ll find pictures and descriptions of all of our current cupcake flavors. We can use any of those flavors of cake and frosting to make cakes. If you’re looking for a particular flavor that you don’t see listed on the website, call us at the shop to find out if we’re able to make it for you.

What is the maximum amount of cupcakes I can pick up without calling ahead?

The maximum amount of cupcakes you may get without pre-ordering is 2 dozen. You may only get 6 of any given flavor. Sorry, but we are a small bakery and we don't have back up stock. If you order in advance the sky is the limit.

Order & Delivery Questions

Is there a minimum order for delivery?

Yes, the minimum order for delivery is 1 dozen cupcakes, 2 dozen mini cupcakes, or a cake.

Do you do same-day deliveries?

No. All delivery orders must be placed at least 24 hours in advance.

Where can you deliver?

We deliver in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. We cannot deliver to apartment buildings or dorm rooms.

What is the charge for delivery?

The delivery charge starts at $35 and goes up from there, depending on how far away the delivery location is from our shop.

When should I place my cake order?

We need at least 3 days notice (within our business hours) to fulfill a cake order. We encourage you to place your order as soon ahead of time as possible, because on occasion we do reach capacity for cake orders. The sooner you place the order the better.

Saturdays are the only day we cannot take walk-in cake orders. Our shop is too busy to be able to sit down and spend the adequate amount of time discussing your cake order. You are encouraged to make an appointment if Saturday's are the only day that would work with you. Then we can schedule our dedicated cake consultant to meet with you. Thank you for understanding.

Where can I download the cupcake Order Form?

right here

Other Questions

Do you offer tastings for weddings?

Yes, we offer wedding consultations at no charge. All you need to do is schedule an appointment and our wedding cake consultant will sit down with you, answer any questions you might have, and provide estimates for your unique ideas. Included in the consultation are 3 flavors of our cupcakes/cakes. You are welcome to purchase more to try if you’d like to.

Do you offer tastings for birthdays and other events?

No, unfortunately we don’t offer tastings or samples for birthdays or other events. However, we do bake all of our cupcake flavors fresh every day for retail sale at our shop, so you’re welcome to walk in or pre-order cupcakes for purchase.